Light Provisions Small Batch Candles

Light Provisions Small Batch Candles


As a candle lover, I feel you can never have enough and mixing and matching is always a delight so you have one to suit your mood! These small-batch candles are a must and since they look so great, no need to hide them away.


Inspired by looming evergreens, crackling wood, and falling asleep on fresh earth.  All the nostalgia of a night under the stars without the hassle of smoky clothes.  

Rosemary Cedar:

An initial scent of chopped lumber lightened with aromatic herbs and finished with tangerine leaf and blood orange.  

Winter Pine:

Brisk pine muddled with tangy bergamot and rounded off with delicate vanilla.  Sharp enough to bring a coniferous forest into your home, yet warm enough to bring home to your mother.

Handmade in small batches in Colorado.

Light Provisions candles are poured in Colorado Springs, Colorado with 100% American-harvested soy wax. The wicks are cotton-cored, primed in vegetable wax and always lead-free. The fragrances are blends of premium, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and natural essential oils. Apothecary jars can be recycled as a vase for a small plant or succulent, a container for dry goods or for pen storage on your desk.  

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