Whiskey Glass Small Batch Candle

Whiskey Glass Small Batch Candle


As a candle lover, I feel you can never have enough and mixing and matching is always a delight so you have one to suit your mood and double as decor. These small-batch 12 ounce candles are a must and since they are housed in a gold-rimmed Whiskey glass, you are really getting two home accents!


Inspired by looming evergreens, crackling wood, and falling asleep on fresh earth.  All the nostalgia of a night under the stars without the hassle of smoky clothes.  

Grapefruit Oakmoss:

Crisp Grapefruit blended with green vetiver, cut oak, and a touch of clover. A subtle embodiment of the famous Prohibition-era cocktail, the Greyhound.

Rose Fir:

The uplifting scent of sweetly sensitive rose petals rests gently on a foundation of fir and pine needles.

Tobacco Walnut:

Sweetened tobacco leaf balanced with bitter walnut and rich amber.

Each of these 12 oz glasses is custom designed by Light Provisions and manufactured in America.

Hand washing is recommended due to the heat affecting the gold riband.

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