Solid Honeycomb Bath Turkish towel/Fouta

Solid Honeycomb Bath Turkish towel/Fouta

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Scents and Feel's 100 percent honeycomb weave, hand woven Fouta bath towel is the perfectly simple yet soft and absorbent addition to your linens. Softer than a traditional soft Terry and eco-friendly as it will dry in minutes, this towel known as a Turkish Towel, will become a favorite. 

Daily Candy called these Foutas the "multitalented" towels as they can be used for the spa, the beach, a throw, a table runner and even as a cozy blanket for your bed. 

38" x 78"

It is recommended to wash them 1 or 2 times for optimal softness and absorbency.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold with a few minutes on a delicate dryer cycle.