"Whiskey C'est Mon Ami" Letterpress Print

"Whiskey C'est Mon Ami" Letterpress Print


Pioneer House out of Knoxville, Tennessee is the real deal when it comes to letterpress. Utilizing salved equipment, recycled papers and re-purposed inks in an historic 19th century building. Contemporary work with traditional materials. 

"Whiskey c'est mon ami" translates to "Whiskey is my friend." This handprinted letterpress uses a vintage font and ornamental border. You could send this oversized postcard through the mail with extra postage or hang it in your kitchen or any room for a nice graphic element.

Handprinted in turquoise ink on 100 percent pc recycled thick Kraft colored paper.

Approx. 15.75" x 5.75"

Handmade in USA.